South West Sight Hounds



Greyhounds are one of the most numerous breeds in rescue kennels. Many thousands are retired from racing every year. By the time they are 4 - 5 years old their 'useful' life is usually over. 'Failed Racers' or 'Non-Triers' can find themselves in rescue at 2 years old or even younger.

Retired racers, in the right home, can and do make the most wonderful pets. Many people still only imagine greyhounds as the muzzled ball of energy exploding from the traps and hurtling round the track at 40 m.p.h. Very different to the usual view of a retired racer upside down on the couch with all 4 feet in the air!!

Each and every one of these dogs deserves the chance of a safe and happy retirement. We'll never be able to find homes for all of them, sadly there are far too many. Consider the fact that the average life span of a healthy greyhound is 12 - 14 years, the number that retire every year and you'll see what an impossible situation this is.

You can help by thinking about adopting a greyhound when you're looking for a dog to become part of your family. Talk to us, or one of the many excellent groups which have been set up to deal with this impossible task, we will help you decide if a greyhound is right for you.

Hopefully you'll decide it is and go on to take the next step. You'll find contact details elsewhere on the site but could I take this opportunity to please ask for your patience if we can't answer the phone immediately. Either leave a message or use the e-mail link provided.

Of course we want to speak to you but looking after the dogs and work commitments mean we can't always respond as quickly as we'd like to.

Until fairly recently it was quite uncommon to meet a 'pet' greyhound, thankfully this is now changing. As public awareness to the plight of these beautiful dogs increases so does the chance of you coming across someone walking one, two, three or more!!

Never be afraid to stop them and ask about their pets, the majority of owners will be more than happy to tell you the story of how they came to adopt a greyhound and then found out (too late) that they are addictive.

Due to their wonderful nature and remarkable adaptability a greyhound could make a suitable pet for practically anyone. With the same common-sense precautions that apply to all dogs they are good with sensible children while at the opposite end of the scale they can be calm, gentle companions for the elderly.

So, you think a greyhound could be the dog for you? Take your time and think about it very carefully. Talk to all family members who will be involved with the dog. Don't feel the need to rush into anything; unfortunately we have a never ending supply of greyhounds.


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